• Brain Imaging
    I can’t believe it’s been over five years since I’ve had a brain MRI. The neurologist wants me to get an MRI every five years just to check and make sure everything is still fine up there. 🧠 I had childhood epilepsy (which I grew 
  • Sleep Study
    Apparently, telling my doctor that I’ve had insomnia all my life but not now led her to recommend a sleep study. Initially, I was supposed to do an overnight sleep study, which would be more like an awake study cause there’s no way I’d sleep 
  • About Me
    I haven’t introduced myself yet, so here are some fun facts about me: 🦁 I’m a Leo AND an introvert. ✏️ I am left-handed. 😻 I have 3 dogs (Hallie, Abbey, and Finnegan) and 2 cats (Windsor Rose and Lucy). 🐟 I have a reef 
  • Ice Pack Review
    How many of us have freezers with more ice packs than food? A lot of us migrainey people use ice/heat as the first line of defense when we feel a migraine beginning. I know I have gone through countless ice packs.  Personally, very cold ice 
  • Grow Through What You Go Through
    This quote has been on my mind for the last three days. Three days of waking up with a migraine and three days of acute meds. Typically, I like to accomplish at least one project a day. It could be cleaning out a drawer or 
  • My Sinus Surgery
    It’s the 7th anniversary of my sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis. After a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection, I still had symptoms and was sent to the ER. This was the first time a chronic illness changed my life. This surgery took place 
  • Let’s Talk About Rebound Headaches
    Tackling rebound headaches (also known as Medication Overuse Headaches or MOH) has been a massive part of getting my migraines under control.  Rebound headaches are intense, frequent, and don’t respond well to medication. The Cleveland Clinic has a good explanation of rebound headaches and which 
  • Do Family & Friends Understand?
    My hope for this page is to create a better understanding for the family/friends of us migraineurs. To be totally honest, for about a year, I was deep in rebound (also known as MOH) and grief. For the first time in my life, it was 
  • Anxiety & Doctor’s Visits
    I can’t remember ever coming out of a doctor’s appointment feeling happy.  Right now, I am so glad and relieved.  I’ll try to keep the migraine/Excedrin caffeine induced rambling to a minimum.  I am going to attempt to document my journey with chronic migraine for 
  • Migraine Toolkit
    It is so important for us migraineurs to compile a toolkit for relieving migraines. I like to use natural or non-medicine relief methods so I can prevent rebound headaches. Prepare a toolkit that you can grab when a migraine strikes. I also like to keep these products in my purse so 
  • Going to a new Neurologist
    I am a few days away from my upcoming neurologist appointment.  I am pretty nervous and anxious, but I am hopeful and looking forward to adding to my “treatment pie” as Migraine Strong calls it.  My goals are to: Exchange amitriptyline for a different drug