Brain Imaging

Brain Imaging

I can’t believe it’s been over five years since I’ve had a brain MRI. The neurologist wants me to get an MRI every five years just to check and make sure everything is still fine up there. 🧠

I had childhood epilepsy (which I grew out of), so I had frequent MRIs as a kid. Being my perfectionist/anxious self, I wanted to ace every test. I would work myself into such an anxious state that I couldn’t keep my head still. My parents would sit next to the MRI machine and tell me to relax. Is there anything more unrelaxing than being told to relax? It felt like it took forever to get a clear image. ⏳

Thanks to Headspace, I have the tools to handle anxious moments. I’ve realized that focusing on my breathing and thinking about snuggly puppies way more calming than trying to relax. 🧡

Because I was able to relax, I was able to keep my head still. Wiggling my fingers and toes every few minutes also helped release any nervous energy. I actually found myself falling asleep from the rhythmic thumping. 💤

I’ll be spending the rest of the day drinking lots of fluids to flush the contrast dye out of my system. How do you manage anxiety during medical tests/appointments? 💦