Going to a new Neurologist

I am a few days away from my upcoming neurologist appointment.  I am pretty nervous and anxious, but I am hopeful and looking forward to adding to my “treatment pie” as Migraine Strong calls it.  My goals are to:

  1. Exchange amitriptyline for a different drug that doesn’t cause weight gain
  2. Start Botox again
  3. Add Aimovig or another CRPG

I’m hoping that the doctor will order tests to rule out anything more serious.  I am sure that everything is fine, but it eases my anxiety when I have proof.

This doctor doesn’t have great reviews, but I’ve learned to advocate for myself.  I have learned so much from doing my research and other people’s experiences.  I have seen three neurologists in the past 12 years.  Most neurologists aren’t headache experts, so I’m going into this appointment with a wealth of information and viewing the doctor as someone who helps to facilitate rather than dictate my treatment plan.