Grow Through What You Go Through

Grow Through What You Go Through

This quote has been on my mind for the last three days. Three days of waking up with a migraine and three days of acute meds. Typically, I like to accomplish at least one project a day. It could be cleaning out a drawer or deep cleaning a room. The productive days are filled with so much more gratitude because of the unproductive days.

Thankfully, I have learned not to fight these migraine days, resisting pain only makes it worse. I used to feel so guilty on the days that migraine took precedence over living my life. But it’s okay and so important to take care of me. Once I let go of all the negativity, I gained freedom and healing. All of the doubt, criticism, and lack of acceptance were holding me back from feeding my soul.

Migraine advocacy is so important because we only grow through love and acceptance. The truth is that migraineurs don’t enjoy hibernating in a dark room all day, all the ice packs, or the many doctor appointments. If you can’t imagine a chronic illness sidelining you for three days, every day, or weeks at a time, then you should count yourself lucky. That doesn’t make our chronic disease any less real or disabling.

I am so grateful for the things I can do during a migraine and without a migraine. I hope migraine-free days last longer and become more frequent. I enjoy every second of the good days. I am so looking forward to more migraine-free days. 💜

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