Ice Pack Review

Ice Pack Review

How many of us have freezers with more ice packs than food?

A lot of us migrainey people use ice/heat as the first line of defense when we feel a migraine beginning. I know I have gone through countless ice packs.  Personally, very cold ice packs that stay cold help me the most. Comment below whether ice or heat works best for you.

There are so many ice packs that are more suited for heat, which means they don’t get cold enough. I am going to list my favorite ice packs. Hopefully together we can find the most effective ice packs. Do you have a favorite ice pack?

Headache Hat the Original- this is my go-to whenever I feel the beginning of a migraine. It wraps around the head, but it’s is adjustable, so it’s not too tight. It is especially useful for my hibernation days. I like to pull it over my eyes when a massive migraine hits. I can sleep in it and wear my noise-canceling headphones over it for a total withdrawal from stimuli.

Headache Hat Ice Halo- This is the little sister to the Headache Hat. It provides the same relief as the Headache Hat, but it is more portable and comfortable when moving around. I like to wear it around my neck or as a headband.

Purple Ice Pack by Magic Gel- I often fall asleep with this ice pack under my head and neck. I’m not a fan of wearing it as a hat. I can’t wear anything on my head that’s too tight because it triggers a migraine. But I have two of these ice packs because they get cold and stay cold.